Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tractor Fun!! :)

Meet Parker. He just celebrated his 2nd birthday! I first met him last year for his 1st birthday pictures, and he's grown up so much! He's a bit clingy and loves his Mommy, but we managed to get him to warm up to the camera! Mom had to dance around like crazy trying to get his attention, and I'm pretty sure some form of candy was involved. ;) He loved the truck a lot more than he did the tractor, and his overalls were a huge hit!! He loved to put his hands in his pockets, and he looked so adorable when he did! :) I had so much fun with this little guy! Enjoy the preview, and I hope to see you guys for a family session in June! :)

Meet Maxton. He just celebrated his 4th birthday last month, and he loves tractors! So I took him out to the farm for some tractor pics - how cute is he?!? And I must admit that the old Ford pick-up is one of my favorite things! I'm a Chevy gal 100%, but this truck sure looks good in photographs. Of course, it does help when I have such a handsome model! :) I had a blast with you guys! Thanks for trying out this neat place and neat props! Enjoy your preview!!

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