Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Tractor and Truck Fun!!!!

LOVE THIS GUY!! He is about to celebrate his 4th birthday.....and hopefully he will be welcoming his baby sister any day now!! :) I always enjoy seeing him and his family. He's such a cutie! Even Farmer Jackie couldn't stop talking about how cute he is!!! ;) Our old red tractor decided that it didn't want to crank that day, so we pulled out the big blue one - which looked perfect next to him. He had fun pretending to drive it!! But I must say that the sunglasses next to the pickup is my FAVORITE!!! He looks so cool, like he's straight out of the '50's or something. So cute! Love you guys to pieces! It's always a pleasure seeing you all. Enjoy your preview! Can't wait to meet that baby girl! :)

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