Tuesday, January 27, 2009


NEW!!! Mari Wilkes Photography is now offering digital images!!! These images are now available for purchase to post on Facebook or Myspace. These images will be a slightly smaller resolution and will contain my logo (similar to what you see on my blog). There is a limit of 3 images per client per session. They are $10 per image. These digital files cannot be duplicated in any way and cannot be used for any other purpose without permission from me. What an awesome way to display your memories and share them with all your friends! To inquire about purchase from a recent session, just send me an email with the images you wish to purchase and I will prepare them and in turn email them to you. Toodles! :)

New Packages Available!!!

NEW!!! Mari Wilkes Photography is now proud to offer 2 new photography packages - the "New Mommy" package and a senior portrait package! The "New Mommy" package consists of a maternity and a newborn session. The session fee is $250 and includes $115 print credit (can be divided up between both sessions) and 30 birth announcements with envelopes. Both sessions are set at a location of your choice and are very custom to your liking. The senior portrait package consists of a custom photo shoot at 2 locations of your choice with unlimited number of outfits. The session fee is $300 and includes a wide variety of prints, as well as the required prints for the yearbook.

If you are interested in either session, please send me an email and I will send you more detailed information. If you know of someone that may be interested, please send them my way! Thanks! :)

Meet the Johnson Family.....

What a cute family! I love these guys!!!!! The kids almost had too much energy for me, but without that, they wouldn't be kids! :) We had a great time - I really enjoyed the session and chasing the kids around. They are precious, and I know they keep you busy! Dad recently had food surgery, but he hobbled around with us pretty well. Hope you enjoy the preview, guys! I'll get the rest up very soon!!! :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Simply Stunning......

Before you view these images, please note that I am a family photographer. Danielle is a good friend of mine and totally consented to the taking and posting of these images. She and her family love them, which is what matters most to me. I have never done a session like this before, nor do I plan on all my maternity sessions being this way. I think they are gorgeous and I have been very anxious to share them. I apologize if anyone is offended, as that is not my intent at all.

Her belly, her hair, her husband, her son, her enthusiasm, her patience, her up-for-anything attitude - everything about this session - simply stunning. This is the first session like this that I have done, and I could not have asked for a more perfect family. Aren't they all just gorgeous??! This couple is welcoming their second son early April, and this is the last pregnancy. What better way to remember it all?? After doing this shoot, I wanted to be pregnant again! Ahhh, if we could all look this beautiful, Danielle, when we are pregnant! You truly add beauty to something already so beautiful. I had an awesome time, as I hope y'all did. And if you thought this was fun, wait until that beautiful baby gets here!!!! :) I can't wait to get ahold of him with my camera! Love y'all so much and enjoy the pictures as much as me PLEASE!!!!!! :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

This One's For James (Both of Them).....

This mommy-to-be is married to an Army soldier currently serving in Iraq. They are expecting their second son the end of March. Daddy will get to come home for the birth, which is a blessing! She has never done pictures like this before, and I think she looks beautiful. She's a tomboy, so I had to girly her up a little, but she was a trooper. And their son Gabe is the cutest!!! Thanks, girl, for a great session and for your open-mindedness to my creative and silly ideas! You look incredible, and I can't wait to meet that little boy in a couple months!!! :) Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My New Sweet Niece....

Meet sweet baby Alyson. She is my new sweet niece, and I had the privilege of photographing her brand new....well, she actually didn't have a choice! I was going to take pictures of her whether my sister-in-law wanted me to or not!!!! And she is perfect. She didn't like being on her tummy, and she was awake the whole time. But isn't she just beautiful? She looks just like her big sister did when she was born. I'm so excited! And I will be around for a long time taking pictures of her, so she better get used to me and my camera!

Congratulations, Trey and Crystal and Alyssah! She's so beautiful, and we are so excited that she is finally here!!! Enjoy the pictures! :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sweet Caroline.....

Oh, newborns are just the sweetest things in life!! Meet sweet baby Caroline. She is baby girl number 2 for the Couey family. Her big sis Susannah is 3 1/2 and just as sweet!! I feel so honored to have been able to meet baby Caroline and do her very first pictures! She was very cooperative - she only fussed a few times and mom and dad were able to coax her right back to sleep. She didn't mind being on her tummy and didn't seem to mind all my fun props. She was terrific, so terrific that I spent 3 hours taking pictures of her (I just couldn't stop!!)! I want to wish daddy good luck with these 2 beautiful girls in about 15 years because he will need it!!! Thanks Couey family for all your patience! I had a blast!!!!