Monday, July 2, 2012

Blog?? What Blog??? ;)

Well, hellllooooooooo blog! How have you been!? I have to admit that I'm an awful blogger. Terrible. Suck at it. Honestly, I think Facebook has changed the way I view blogging. It's hard to keep up with EVERY place you need to post to reach the most people! And I've even fallen behind on posting on facebook. Sheesh!

Anyway, we are LOVING Nashville! Business is picking up nicely, and I'm thankful to have a permanent home and not have to travel so much. The traveling has really taken a toll on my vehicle and my wallet. ;)

I've made a few changes to my business in 2012 that you might be interested in. First of all, I will no longer be doing newborn sessions or any other sessions (except for the occassional holiday mini's!) in the Auburn/Opelika area. :( Sad, I know. It's just so difficult traveling with two children and bringing ALL the newborn and prop stuff with me in the car as well. It's too much. I will be doing newborns and regular sessions in the Nashville area, although I have been seriously thinking about just doing 6 months and up from now on. Especially since I don't have a studio. I'll keep everyone posted!

Also, we are (surprisingly!) pregnant with baby number 3! Only about 5 weeks left! So that will cut down on a lot of my traveling for sure! I may continue doing a limited number of weddings in Alabama next year, but it all depends. Nothing is definite yet! And finally, I've been doing lots of headshots lately, and I've discovered that I LOVE shooting adults! I like being creative with them and I appreciate their enjoyment at their pictures. I've also thought strongly on just doing weddings and adults (seniors, maternity, engagement, headshots, etc) from now on, but I think I will always have a love for children and families. :)

Here are a few things I've been up to since November, including a fabulous celebrity session: