Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Very Handsome Little Boy....

Meet Garner. Yes, he IS as handsome as his name! I was so excited to meet this little man! I adore his hair and have often tried to talk my hubby into letting me grow my little man's hair out like Garner's, but so far no luck. More power to you, Mom! This little one is a looker for sure - gorgeous long blond hair and big brown eyes....watch out, ladies! :) I had a great time with him. It was hot, but he hung in there like a little trooper (probably because he was headed to the beach after his session!). Mom, thanks so much for sharing your handsome little guy with me. He will be a model or on the big screen some day, I can assure you, with those good looks. :) Enjoy the preview!

Monday, June 28, 2010


I seriously could not get enough of this kiddo at his session! He is the cutest thing I've ever seen! His personality was killer cute and made for some really adorable shots. I knew his dad in high school, so I would be lying if I didn't admit that I was a little nervous about our session! ;) But he exceeded my expections (and I'm sure his parents thought so, too!) because he was amazing! He was oh-so-cute and even more fun. Thanks so much, Mom and Dad, for sharing your little cutie pie with me. I'm absolutely crazy about him and cannot wait to see him again! Enjoy the preview! :)

Oh, Campbell!! :)

I adore this little girly! I first met Campbell back in October and we did a fun family session on campus in front of Samford Hall. Well, WE thought it was fun, but I don't think Campbell was having as much fun as we were. ;) She was only 9 months old then and didn't quite know what to think of me and my camera. Now, she's an adorable 18 months old! And she actually enjoyed it this time, if you can't tell that from the images! She's such a girly girl, and she loved her tutu shots with all the jewelry. I'm so glad I got to see you guys again, Mom! I really enjoyed seeing Campbell and seeing how much she has grown in the last 9 months. Thanks for trusting me with your memories once again, and I hope you enjoy your preview! I hope to see you again soon! :)

Sweet Grayson is 6 Months Old!

And he won 2nd place in my facebook Cutest Kid Contest! So Mom was excited to book his session with me. He is a DOLL! I loved his little sailor suit, and I just had to put him in my old red little suitcase - it was too perfect! Mom and Dad wanted to hop in a few of them with the little guy before it got so hot out that we couldn't stand it, and what a cute family! I fell in love with this little cutie - I can certainly see why he placed 2nd in the contest! :) Thanks, Mom and Dad, for sharing your little sweetie with me for the morning! I hope you like your preview - I know you have been anxiously awaiting it! I hope to see him again when he turns ONE! :)

My New Buddy, Hayden...

This little guy and I bonded something serious during his session. He wasn't quite sure what to think at first, so Mom just kind of let us do our own thing. So he is my new buddy! :) We had a great time climbing on the train car and walking all over the tracks. We even got to see a train come by!! He was thrilled to pieces, which made me smile, which made him smile. :) Thanks, Mom, for trusting me with these precious memories of your big boy! Enjoy the preview, and I hope he has a wonderful 3rd birthday! Happy Birthday, Hayden!! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Handsome Baby Smith :)

Look at these LIPS! Aren't they just kissable!?! This little man is a doll all around - no questions asked! I think he knew he was going to have his pictures made because he wanted to stay up and check out all my cool stuff. ;) He is absolutely adorable, and I'm so glad I had the privilege to capture him while he's still so little. Those are the sweetest, most precious moments in life! Mom and Dad, you two are truly blessed to have such beautiful baby boys!! :) Thanks for inviting me into your home and trusting me with these sweet memories! Enjoy the preview!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Baby Girl...

Meet precious Ava. She has to be one of the happiest little babies I've ever had the privilege of photographing! She was all smiles and didn't mind changing outfits or laying in the grass. It couldn't be any easier! :) I also got to spend some time with her big sister, who is just beautiful and adores her baby sister. Thanks, girls, for letting me spend the morning with you yesterday! Mom, you are a very lucky lady. :) I hope you enjoy the preview!

Adorable Baby Cael :)

I have been in baby overload lately - and loving every minute of it!! Meet sweet Cael. Love his name, and his parents are the sweetest around. They are so very happy to have this little guy around! And who could blame them with those plump pinchable cheeks!? :) Cael was only 5 days old for his newborn session, and he was soooo tiny! He was wonderful, and I enjoyed spending a few hours with him. Mom and Dad, congratulations on your new beautiful baby boy! He's simply gorgeous, and I'm so honored to have had the joy of capturing his sweet little face these first days of life. Enjoy the preview - may the images bring nothing but smiles to your faces! :)