Friday, April 24, 2009

Jimmy + Amanda (+ Auburn) = L-O-V-E!! :)

LOVE THIS COUPLE!!! I cannot wait until the wedding in June! :) I went to high school with both of these guys, and I'm so happy that they are together! It's a perfect combination, really. Auburn is Amanda's daughter, and she loves Jimmy so much. She's just as excited as her mother is, I believe! We had a blast! And some little birdie told me that Jimmy didn't like to have his picture taken. I think he just never had the right photographer until now!! ;) Enjoy the preview, guys. I'll have the rest done very soon for you, I promise! Thanks for your patience!!! Seriously, I'm counting down the days to the wedding (and I'm about to add it to my calendar!)!!

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  1. Mari,
    A friend pointed me to your blog, and I'm really enjoying your pictures on here! I went to Auburn, and have family in Opelika, so it's good to see a photog in that area.

    Keep up the good work!