Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kaelyn - A New Big Sister

Being a big sister myself, I know how hard it is when that new little baby comes home and Mom has to share her time between the two of you. This little girl is adjusting well. In fact, I'd say she is a pro! She adores her little sister, and she was great when I took her baby sister's newborn pictures - holding her just like a big girl. But it's important to give her some special one-on-one attention as well. So of course she had to have pictures all by herself! :) And her cousins met us a little later so all of them could have pictures together. What a great group of girls! I met Kaelyn last year right after she turned one, and then again late in the summer when her Mommy and Daddy got married. Now she is two and cuter than ever!!!! Mom and Dad, you have two very beautiful little girls. Congratulations! Enjoy the preview!

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