Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cutest Baby Contest!!!!

Have you ever entered your child in the GAP model contest or The Cutest Kid contest??! Come on, you know you have! :) Well, now you can enter your child in a contest that you actually have a chance of winning!!! Mari Wilkes Photography is announcing a GIVE AWAY! A super fun Facebook contest going on now!! Click HERE to join my fan page on Facebook and enter the contest! Here's the scoop:

Between Friday, May 14 and Friday, May 21st, you can submit ONE snapshot of your child to me to be entered in my cutest baby contest. Please note that it must be a snapshot, not a professional photo! I WILL NOT accept a professional photo, and being that I am a professional photographer, I know what a professional photo looks like! :) If you have more than one child, you may enter a separate entry for each of your children. Contestants must be between 0 and 8 year of age to be entered. To enter your photo, you MUST be my friend on facebook (not just a fan of my fanpage, but my friend on facebook, so send me a request if we are not already friends!!) and attach the image in a message along with the child's name and age and something he/she likes to do. If you post an image to my wall or to the wall of my fan page, it will be deleted. Photos will only be accepted via message to my personal facebook profile. Next Friday, I will work on compiling an album for this contest on my fan page of all the photos entered and the information for each child. Once the album is up and all images have been accepted, VOTING WILL BEGIN!!!!!! To vote, one must be a fan (or LIKE) Mari Wilkes Photography, as this is the only place the images will be. So please encourage your friends and family to join my fan page so they can vote and help your child WIN! You can do this by posting a status on your page about the contest and reference to Mari Wilkes Photography. If you put an @ symbol in front of Mari Wilkes Photography in your status, your friends and family members can click on it to join. You can also suggest the page to your friends - you do this from the fan page. If you submitted the photo of your child, you can vote for your child, but you can only vote once. If you do not have any children, please help someone else's child by voting for your favorite! To vote, simply add a comment underneath your favorite's photo. Please keep comments clean, nice, and tasteful, otherwise I will delete them. You can vote for more than one photo if you'd like, but you can only vote for the same child once. Voting will continue for one week, ending on Saturday, May 29th. Now for the good part - the PRIZES! There will be 3 prizes given away for the top 3 spots.

1. The child with the most comments (votes) will receive a free session!!
2. The child with the second most comments (votes) will receive a session at half price ($50).
3. The child with the third most comments (votes) will receive a free 11x14 with any session booked within this year, 2010.

If your child wins, then YOU can choose the type of session you want - family, child, siblings, etc. Anyone can submit a photo for a chance to win!!!! However, I do hold the right to turn anyone away from the contest or to remove anyone from the contest if the rules are not followed correctly. There is a lot at stake here, so get to submitting and then get your friends to become a fan so they can vote and help you win!!!! Let's have fun! :)

If you have any questions at all, please post them in this discussion. I will be checking it daily and answering any questions you may have. DO NOT post them on my wall or my fanpage wall or in a message!!! Post them here so that everyone can see the answer because someone else may have the same question as well. P.S. Please only submit photos if you are in or close to the Auburn/Opelika area or are able to travel there for a session!! :) Have entering and voting!! GOOD LUCK!

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