Saturday, July 3, 2010

Furry Friends!

Meet these cute little furry friends! I had such a great time playing and loving on them during their session. I think it's so awesome when I meet a couple that really treats their pets like their children. Pets are so much more than just "animals". They are our best friends, our encouragers, a good source of happiness, and they give so much meaning to life. They never get tired of seeing us and giving us kisses. :) They are our best listeners. These 7 pets sure have a fabulous life, and I was so excited to get to know them! They were great!! I would have loved to get a big group picture of all of them, but that probably would have been nearly impossible, seeing as the majority of them are cats. Cats don't exactly enjoy doing something you want them to do - they do what THEY want, not what we want! There were actually 8 pets in all - 6 kitties, 1 dog, and 1 sweet bunny. One kitty wasn't too excited about hanging out with me, so she is missing. But these rest of them were (somewhat) cooperative! Thanks you guys for sharing your precious furry friends with me! I really enjoyed it, and I hope you did, too! :)

P.S. I could probably still tell you all their names, I loved them so much!

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