Monday, May 11, 2009

Meet Baby Cooper.....

Oh, I just love this cutie! We had to reschedule last weekend due to the weather, and although the weather was calling for more rain this weekend, we did it anyway. And I was so happy to finally meet him!! :) He's a chunky monkey - he weighs almost as much as my almost 3-year-old (which just means he's a healthy boy!)! And I was so excited to try out my new prop on him. He was so good; he lasted about an hour. The teacup shot was the end of the session, and that's the only time he fussed! And don't worry, Mom. I got a shot of him in the teacup NOT crying, I just couldn't resist posting the crying shot!! :) He's a sweetie, and I look forward to seeing him again in a few months when he turns 1! Enjoy the preview, Mom! I really enjoyed meeting you and Cooper. :)

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