Monday, June 28, 2010

Sweet Grayson is 6 Months Old!

And he won 2nd place in my facebook Cutest Kid Contest! So Mom was excited to book his session with me. He is a DOLL! I loved his little sailor suit, and I just had to put him in my old red little suitcase - it was too perfect! Mom and Dad wanted to hop in a few of them with the little guy before it got so hot out that we couldn't stand it, and what a cute family! I fell in love with this little cutie - I can certainly see why he placed 2nd in the contest! :) Thanks, Mom and Dad, for sharing your little sweetie with me for the morning! I hope you like your preview - I know you have been anxiously awaiting it! I hope to see him again when he turns ONE! :)


  1. How precious and happy Little Grayson is always. He should have won 1st place in my opinion!!! Auntie Donna