Tuesday, February 9, 2010

9 Month Milestones

Sweet Avery is 9 months already!!! When I first met baby Avery, she was only 7 days old. Now she's 9 months and has such a little personality! :) She has been so on top of all of her milestones for each of her sessions every 3 months, and we have been able to capture all of them so far. But she DID NOT want us to get her standing up this time!!! She was so mad at us for making her stand, but we weren't giving up......because she can totally do it, no problems! She just didn't want to show me that she could. :) I love her anyway, and I must say AGAIN how much she resembles my little girl. Avery is so incredibly adorable, and I'm so glad that I get the privilege of seeing her so often. I can't wait until her 1st birthday pictures! Enjoy the preview, Mom and Dad! :) All of our "patience" and hard work paid off I think!!

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