Friday, September 18, 2009

New Referrel Incentives!!! :)

I'm introducing new referrel incentives!!! So now is the time to tell your friends about Mari Wilkes Photography! :) Just in time for the holidays and family fall sessions!!

Now, when you (my client) refer a friend to me and they book a session, YOU get $20 to use towards any future session and YOUR FRIEND gets a free 8x10 from their session!!!! YAY!!!!! :) Both of you get rewarded, now does it get any better than that?!?

Actually, it does! For each additional friend you refer to me that books a session, you will get a free 5x7 from your current session with me or a future session with me. Yes, for EACH additional friend!! That means you can refer 5 friends to me, and if all 5 of them book a session with me, you can $20 towards a future session, as well as 4 free 5x7's!!!!!!!!! And each of them gets a free 8x10 from their session!!! AWESOME!

So, take the time to tell your friends about me! Give them one of my cards, give them my website and/or email address, entice them with a free 8x10! :) Get your referrel credit NOW! I know that if they are a friend of yours, then they will be a great client of mine!!!

And since I can't leave you without a picture to enjoy, here's one of my all-time faves from my July wedding. This will for sure be the cover of my new wedding business cards!!! Enjoy!! :)

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