Monday, June 22, 2009

The Thomas Family :)

We had a blast doing this session!!! Well, okay, we actually hiked down to a waterfall, sweated our tails off, then had to hike back up to the top while we sweated some more!!! Soooooooo, for 4 people that sweated to death, don't they look fabulous?! :) The sweat (and tiredness) didn't seem to phase them one bit. Me, on the other hand, I went home and went straight to bed!! HA! Really, we had a good time. It was beautiful at the park, and it made for some really awesome pictures. The little guy didn't seem to think I was all that funny, so I had to work to get some smiles out of him. Smile or no smile, he's a cutie! Mom and Dad are getting married later in the year, so I threw in a little mini e-session for them and made sure to get some of just the two of them. They are a beautiful couple and an absolutely beautiful family! Enjoy the preview, guys. There's more to come! :) Thanks so much for the opportunity to do these pictures for you!!

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