Monday, January 26, 2009

Simply Stunning......

Before you view these images, please note that I am a family photographer. Danielle is a good friend of mine and totally consented to the taking and posting of these images. She and her family love them, which is what matters most to me. I have never done a session like this before, nor do I plan on all my maternity sessions being this way. I think they are gorgeous and I have been very anxious to share them. I apologize if anyone is offended, as that is not my intent at all.

Her belly, her hair, her husband, her son, her enthusiasm, her patience, her up-for-anything attitude - everything about this session - simply stunning. This is the first session like this that I have done, and I could not have asked for a more perfect family. Aren't they all just gorgeous??! This couple is welcoming their second son early April, and this is the last pregnancy. What better way to remember it all?? After doing this shoot, I wanted to be pregnant again! Ahhh, if we could all look this beautiful, Danielle, when we are pregnant! You truly add beauty to something already so beautiful. I had an awesome time, as I hope y'all did. And if you thought this was fun, wait until that beautiful baby gets here!!!! :) I can't wait to get ahold of him with my camera! Love y'all so much and enjoy the pictures as much as me PLEASE!!!!!! :)


  1. i was taken of guard by these photos, but i must admit, their outstanding. done in a very respectful way. keep it coming, just not from my wife, three children are enough!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am so happy with these photos, words cannot express the gratitude I have for you! I will never get these moments back, EVER! You captured exactly how my family is, looks and feels! My pregnant belly will surely be missed but I will have these gorgeous photos to look back on! And everytime I look at them I will smile and remember that day! Thank You so much, you are an outstanding photographer and an even better friend! -XOXOXO

  3. Mari, these pictures are gorgeous! I am very conservative, or at least I think so, and I don't see anything wrong with these. You're work is incredible!