Sunday, August 29, 2010

All the Way From Huntsville....

These sweet kiddos came all the way from Huntsville for pictures with me! :)  They were some of my clients from when I lived in southern Tennessee, and mom has been wanting more pictures for a long time now.  It worked out perfectly!  We met early in the morning before the heat came up, and the light was beautiful.  Last time I saw the sweet little girl, she was only 4 months old!  Now, she's grown into a cute little toddler.  It's great to see how they change!  And her big brother is still just as cute and sweet as ever.  Thanks so much for coming all the way down to Auburn for a session!  It means a lot to me. :)  I'm so excited that I'll be in Nashville and we'll be much closer for pictures next time!  Enjoy the preview!!

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